July 27, 2009

I recently found a very interesting tool the MSFT site that automatically creates WMI scripts.  The tool is called Scriptomatic and is free from Microsoft. The tool appears to use reflection to describe all of the WMI Namespaces which allows you to interrogate any WMI class. For example, if you wanted to dump the Win32_LogicalDisk class with Scriptomatic you would get something like this.


Before finding this tool my favorite way to query WMI had been Powershell but Scriptomatc is easier. Scriptomatic also allows you to export to a variety of formats including HTML, Excel, Text, and XML.


This same command could have been in Powershell like this: PS C:\Users\Scott> get-wmiobject -query “Select * from win32_DiskDrive” | Format-table $item -auto